Fresh Variety of Greens for Sale

Thursday, November 4, 2021

HG has a variety of greens for sale for $5 per 1/2 pound.

Heads of lettuce are $3 a head.

This is the list of varieties currently growning:

Balady Aswad lettuce
Bali red rhubard chard
Big leaf lettuce
Blushed butter oaks lettuce
Bright lights chard
Dark Lola rosa lettuce
Evenstar mustard
Fordhook chard
Genovese basil
Kale mix
Lady mursaki mustard
Marubaa Santoh mustard
Pac choi
Perpetual spinach chard
Purple pac choi
Red carpet lettuce
Red dragon cabbage
Sweet basil
Thai basil
Tokyo bekana cabbage
Tom Thumb lettuce
Yokatta-na mustard

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